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Park Kwik, a Brooklyn-based parking service company, was established in April 2004 by real estate developer David C. Walentas, owner of Two Trees Management. David decided to pursue this venture because of his frustration with existing parking companies operating within his properties. He would often mention that these organizations completely neglected the maintenance and upkeep of the facilities and, most important, did a poor job in customer service. This level of displeasure served as a basis for David to provide furnished facilities with responsive customer care, anchoring Park Kwik to operate and manage four in-house parking garages in a month. Currently Park Kwik manages ten parking facilities in north Brooklyn and one in Midtown West Manhattan. Park Kwik prides itself on being a small company that better serves the needs of its customers, while going beyond that which is required and supplying the complete infrastructure, system, personnel and expertise required for premier services.

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